Jim Morrill was born and raised in central Maine.  Post-Secondary education was in the Maine University system and he moved out of state to pursue a large corporation's offer of employment.  After returning to the state, Jim has applied his knowledge of small and large customers to his field of study to create an understanding of customer needs.  With both experience visiting single terminal homes and working in multi-national data systems, Jim is applying his knowledge to improve technology services in central Maine.



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Founded by a Maine raised man that was part of technology integration in Maine schools, Morrill Technology "Makes Technology Work for You."  Whether a owner of a single home computer or the person responsible for business technologies, we want to help make your existing technology better and your future purchases the most effective.

Our services include:  hardware, software, networking, data recovery, security, and consulting.  Contact us today so we can help you get back to your business. 

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